RoomMachine 844

Its in a class of its own and its already a classic. Simulates rooms the physical way. Two virtual loudspeakers and two virtual microphones can be positioned freely. RoomMachine 844 takes care of the rest. RoomMachine 844 is a real time, digital audio room simulator capable of capturing the characteristic spacial sound of natural rooms.

RoomMachine 844 is not a reverb effect that delivers long, silky reverberation tails (try R2 or if you are looking for that), instead RoomMachine focuses on early reflections determined by the position of sound source and listener. RoomMachine 844 puts your track right into the room. Can be used as a master effect but is even more useful on single tracks or sections. 

Operation is in full stereo and all processing is performed in high quality, 32 bit floatingpoint precision. An easy to use interface with realistic, animated knobs gives you the look and feel of a true machine.

Available for VST on Windows. This plugin should not be missing in any effect rack. Go to our download page to get your copy now.


"Just a quick note to say how much I love your RoomMachine 844. I work in radio production and I use it to create realistic rooms for voice actors to work in. RoomMachine gets used far more than expensive hard and software reverbs." (Roger Angus)