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Silverspike simulates diffuse reverberation of rooms. Its quality results from a unique reverb algorithm based on random reflection patterns. This reverb is no toy. It provides dense, smooth, and authentic reverberation that you would only expect from expensive external high-end equipment.

Two shelving filters and up to three separate reverb frequency bands give you full control on the spectral balance of the reverberated signal. No matter whether you need a rehearsal room, a concert hall, or a stadium. Perfect stereo imaging. And yes, is ready for 32bit/96kHz.


  1. Smooth, authentic, high quality reverberation
  2. Adjustable reverb tail quality
  3. Up to three separate frequency bands
  4. Can be used as Send/Insert/Mastering-Effect
  5. Equalizer with low and high shelving filter
  6. Supports sample rates up to 96 kHz
  7. 32 bit floating point precision
  8. Supports VST automation

Download Demo and Purchase Online is available for VST Windows. You can download a demo version of from our download page. The demo version of is fully functional except that the effect is bypassed from time to time. We recomend to try before you buy. After testing go to our shop to purchase online.

Adjustable Quality lets you adjust reverb quality to your needs. The term quality refers to the amount of randomness in the reverb tail. In most “artificial” reverb devices one can find repeating reflection patterns. If these patterns are too short then the reverb may sound artificial and repetitive. In contrast to most other reverb devices, Silverspike lets you adjust the length of these patterns to your specific needs. Start with a low quality setting during rough mixes and increase quality as desired in your final offline mix without changing the atmosphere.

Spectral Balance is equipped with two shelving filter to adjust early damping and two additional reverb bands for late damping. The two additional reverb bands can be switched on individually. If both are switched on, becomes a true three band reverb with separate decay times for each frequency band. Start without late damping during rough mixes and add low or high frequency damping in the final offline mix as desired.

Compatibility has been tested extensively and should be compatible with all sequencers and virtual studios that are VST/Windows compatible (Cubase SX, Nuendo, WaveLab, Ableton Live, Cakewalk Sonar, Orion, nTrack, ...).

DirectX on Windows

If your sequencer/virtual studio only supports DirectX plugins (Microsoft's native plugin format), you can still use All you need is a VST/DirectX adapter. We recommend the adapter available from Cakewalk.


"The Silverspike is brilliant! I was arranging a Celine Dion-type ballad this week, and I needed something special for the snares - side sticks, big gated snare samples, etc. Good time to check out my new Silverspike verb. "Holy shit!" It sounded amazing in Logic. The snares sounded big without sounding washy, and the clarity on the high end was incredible. You have truly come up with one of the only software reverbs that can compete with the outboard verbs from Lexicon and others. I love this reverb." (Ted Perlman, Producer, Los Angeles, USA)

"I've got to say guys that the big boys should take note, this [] is an awesome reverb. I'm currently using it on a drum submix. The drums are very open but the cymbals and hi hats are full open 8th notes. This plug in handles the high frequencies with no washy effects. A matter of fact it's the only one in my arsenal that could pull this off." (Kelly Lee, KBOY productions, Los Angeles, USA)

"I just finished a rough mix using for vocals -- just the long send preset -- and it is great, simply fabulous. I own just about every reverb out there -- I'm pretty picky -- but this is my instant new favorite." (Tom Spademan, USA)

"It used to be difficult to get hold of decent VST reverb plug-ins even if you were prepared to spend hundreds of pounds on big-name products. These days, however, shareware companies are beginning to produce reverbs that rival the most expensive native offerings, and the best I've yet encountered is Silverspike's" Read more...