New reverb and room simulator R2 offers total control and highest quality. Two sound sources and one stereo microphone can be positioned in a room of nearly arbitrary size. The spectrum of early and late reflections can be adjusted in a graphical frequency response display letting you model sound spaces from kitchens to concert halls. Versatility and quality make this plugin a must-have for any audio engineer and producer.


  1. High quality room simulation and reverberation
  2. Simulates rooms of variable size
  3. Early and late frequency response fully adjustable
  4. Adjustable pan and stereowidth for early and late reflections
  5. Flexible mixing of dry and direct signal with early and late reflections
  6. Highly optimized DSP code providing low CPU consumption
  7. 32 bit floatingpoint audio processing
  8. Samplerates from 32 kHz up to 192 kHz  
  9. Fully VST compatible

Download R2 and Purchase Online

R2 is available for VST Windows. We recommend that you try before you buy. You can download R2 from our download page. Without license key, R2 runs in demo mode and inserts silence in the audio stream from time to time. After purchasing online in our shop you will obtain a license key via email. Use the license key to unlock R2.


R2 has been tested extensively and should be compatible with all sequencers and virtual studios that are VST/Windows compatible (Cubase SX, Nuendo, WaveLab, Ableton Live, Cakewalk Sonar, Orion, nTrack, ...).

DirectX on Windows

If your sequencer/virtual studio only supports DirectX plugins (Microsoft's native plugin format), you can still use R2. All you need is a VST/DirectX adapter. We recommend the adapter available from Cakewalk.


"I've been using the Silverspike R2 more and more and more. It is truly a great, world-class reverb, and sounds much more expensive than it's small price tag. Beautiful sounding, and probably the best value in a plugin reverb available anywhere!" (Ted Perlman, Producer, Los Angeles, USA)

"I've just recently purchased the R2 reverb based on my previous experience with the original Silverspike Reverb.it. All I can say is: it's an even more amazing plug-in. Thanks for another great product, at a reasonable price." (Georges Hebert, Producer/Engineer, StudioArts)

"I have been using R2 extensively for the past two months. It is the best plugin reverb I have ever used bar none. Bravo to your whole team!" (Brent Holland, B&H Gold Production Music Library)